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Mill Creek Care Centre is offering a $1000 Signing Bonus for all New Hires

Mill Creek Care Centre is committed to recruiting and retaining professional, high qualigty staff in order to deliver the best care possible for all residents. The sign on bonus is intended to encourage new staff to establish a trusting, valued and long lasting relationship with Mill Creek Care Centre. 


Position Summary 

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Position Profile 

Title: RHM - Registered Practical Nurse 

Reporting To 

Reporting To: 

Director of Care 

Position Overview 

Coordinates and oversees all aspects of resident focused delivery of care. 

Provide direct supervision, leadership, and education to other members of the health care team. Acts as a resource and advocate for residents, families, and staff. 

Promote the values, goals, and philosophy of the Home. 


• Current Certificate of Competence with the College of Nurses of Ontario as Registered Practical Nurse • Basic CPR 

• Experience in long term care setting an asset 

• Ability to work with and relate to interdisciplinary team members 

• Well-developed written and oral communication skills 

• Knowledge of RAI-MDS – AIS certified, if not must be completed successfully within one (1) year of being hired. Core Competencies

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Core Competencies are observable abilities, skills, knowledge and traits that define the key behaviours that an employee needs in order to be successful in their role. They are aligned with our values of PEOPLE. 

Below is the list of Core Competencies and definitions. 

To view the Leadership Competency Guide, click on the following link Leadership Competency Guide 

Teamwork & Collaboration 

To engage constructively with others as part of a team, working together as opposed to working separately, in isolation or competitively. Teamwork and Collaboration involves promoting a positive work environment, resolving conflicts and creating alignment within and across internal and/or external groups and partners. 

Expresses Positive Expectations of Others 

• Acknowledges the unique expertise and contributions of each team member. 

• Expresses positive attitude and expectations of others’ abilities, expected contributions and potential. • Speaks of others’ abilities, potential and contributions in positive terms, either directly to the individual(s) or to a third party. 

• Makes requests of others that are reasonable given the timelines and resources. 

• Actively seeks to learn from others. 

• Keeps team members up-to-date with latest issues. 

• Shares information and resources on a timely basis. 

Developing Others 

The genuine intent to foster the long-term learning and development of others through coaching, managing performance and mentoring. Provide support in helping others achieve higher level goals and develop new skills and competencies. Driven by a genuine desire to develop and empower others, rather than simply by a need to transfer skills to complete tasks. 

Helps Others Learn 

• Participates as a mentor in the on-the-job training of others. 

• Shares reasons or rationale for way work is done. 

• Encourages others who are developing their skills and knowledge, promotes learning opportunities. • Identifies or suggests activities that could help others develop new technical skills. 

• Gives specific and constructive feedback, in private, to help others develop their skills and performance. 

Service and Quality Focus 

The desire to provide quality, person-centered care. It means focusing one’s efforts on discovering the expressed and unexpressed needs of residents, families and stakeholders and meeting these needs. It is about ensuring quality and resident safety in the delivery of services and complying with existing rules, regulations and legislation. It is expressed in the monitoring of service information, insisting on clarity of roles and expectations and setting up and maintaining systems that enhance quality and maximize efficiencies. 

Addresses Underlying Quality, Safety and Service Needs 

• Seeks underlying resident, family, or stakeholder needs that may not be expressed initially. • Pays attention to caregiver concerns. 

• Goes “above and beyond” to address resident or stakeholder needs. 

• Offers alternatives to residents and family members, allowing them to make informed choices. • Recommends new and different approaches to address service needs. 

• Has informed opinion about resident and stakeholder needs. 

Interpersonal Sensitivity 

Acting to understand and respond appropriately to the concerns of others. It involves practicing active listening when interacting with individuals or groups. It includes the ability to reflect on verbal and non-verbal behaviour and communicate effectively. 

Effectively Uses Empathy 

• Listens and responds to people’s concerns by altering own behaviour in a helpful manner. 

• Is genuinely sensitive to underlying messages where thoughts or emotions are poorly expressed. • Can see things from another person’s perspective, anticipate reactions, and respond accordingly. • Has an accurate appreciation of the strengths and weaknesses of others. 

• After assessing an issue, takes appropriate action to resolve workplace related issues/problems and conflict. Leadership Presence

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The ability to develop and maintain emotional maturity that is anchored in an accurate awareness of one’s strengths and limitations; an understanding of one’s own emotions and the impact of one’s behaviour on others; behaviour that is consistent with personal and organizational values; appropriate management of emotions; demonstration of resilience in complex and demanding situations; and confidence that one can succeed and overcome obstacles. 

Manages Emotions Under Difficult Circumstances 

• Is positive about own ability to succeed. 

• Draws on own relevant experience. 

• Is optimistic about achievement of goals even when the going is tough. 

• Understands the nature and causes of one’s emotional reactions to particular situations. 

• Takes conscious steps to manage own emotions and pressure when necessary. 

Holding Self and Others Accountable 

Outstanding leaders expect the best from themselves and others and position others and the organization for success by establishing appropriate levels of responsibility, holding them to account for delivery of objectives and implementing appropriate positive / constructive consequences. They hold team members and/or others accountable to execute to high standards of excellence, and they hold themselves accountable to the same or higher standards. They provide clear directions, priorities and expectations. They monitor performance, provide corrective feedback, confront performance issues directly and promptly, and will not hesitate to take action when improvement is not forthcoming. 

Expects Excellence 

• Sets clear standards of high performance for themselves. 

• Holds self and others accountable to demonstration of values. 

• Takes initiative to resolve issues or situations that may compromise the home’s reputation. • Regularly assesses own performance against organization, team, and individual goals and priorities. • Provides constructive feedback to co-workers. 

Conflict Management 

Preventing, managing and/or resolving conflicts. 

Anticipates and Addresses Conflict 

• Anticipates and takes action to reduce potential conflicts. 

• Leads by example. 

• Coaches others to deal with their conflicts directly, where appropriate. 

• Refocuses team on the work and goals, away from personality issues. 

• Models constructive approaches to dealing with opposing views. 

• Demonstrates ability to have difficult conversations in a constructive manner. 

• Pursues progressive discipline when conflicts escalate to, for example, harassment or bullying. • Closes feedback loop with involved parties once issues are resolved. 

Strategic Orientation 

The ability to understand the business implications of decisions on one’s role, and link daily work to the organization’s strategy. This ranges from a simple understanding to a sophisticated awareness of the impact of the world at large on strategies and choices. This includes the ability to take a long-term perspective on the nature of healthcare and the community served by the organization, charting a course that delivers results today and well into the future. 

Aligns Actions with Strategic Goals 

• Prioritizes own work in alignment with business goals. 

• Reviews own and team actions against the organization’s business plan and adjusts actions / priorities accordingly. • Understands issues in the business. 

• Understands the mission, vision and values. 


Keeping promises, following through on commitments. Behaving in an honest, fair and ethical manner. Modeling a high standard to distinguish right from wrong in accordance with our values. 

Maintains Values 

• Speaks out even when it may hurt a trusted relationship. 

• Does not engage in activities that may create or appear to create a conflict of interest (e.g. accepting gifts, working privately for families). 

• Consistently applies our values to appropriately address difficult situations. 

• Maintains confidentiality even when pressured to compromise, unless required to disclose for matters of safety. • Stays true to values, regardless of internal / external pressures. 

• Seeks guidance to deal appropriately with unethical practices and ethical dilemmas.

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Resource Management 

The ability to understand and effectively manage resources (people, materials, assets.) This is demonstrated through measurement, planning and control of resources to maximize results. Treats the Ministry’s financial resources as if they were the individual’s own. 

Understands limits of resources and plans accordingly 

• Uses resources efficiently, recognizing that all resources are valuable. 

• Conscious of benefits / risks of inefficient use of resources. 

• Advises manager when resources are required. 

• Offers ideas that enhance service. 

Planning, Coordination, Implementation & Evaluation 

The ability to plan and coordinate work, understand and effectively manage resources, prioritize steps to taken, anticipate potential barriers and develop contingency plans to address these, and implement activities in a way that ensures the achievement of objectives. At the highest levels, individuals are able to achieve desired results on a consistent basis despite having to deal with unpredictable or unexpected circumstances. 

Plans Own Work Activities 

• Completes tasks on time. 

• Demonstrates the ability to multi-task. 

• Keeps appropriate people informed on progress of tasks / projects. 

• Identifies when resources will be insufficient for the task and brings to the attention of manager. • Anticipates and takes action to avoid a problem that might interfere with effective service or program delivery. • Provides assistance and advice to help get the job done. 

Essential Duties 

Essential Duties are the technical skills and knowledge that an employee requires in order to perform their role. Below is detailed information on required Essential Duties for your position. 

• Development and modification of the care plans in response to residents’ change in status • Liaises with other health care personnel, agencies and families 

• Maintains good relationships with Medical/Support/Home, staff, residents, families and general public • Supervises all activities on his/her unit, takes charge as required 

• Monitors performance and completes performance evaluation for the PSW’s 

• Directs, assigns and evaluates the work of the PSW’s 

• May be in charge of Home as required. Utilizes leadership skills to identify problems and problem- solving on the unit • Monitors that care delivered is consistent with the resident Bill of Rights. 

• Required to understand the nature and meaning of quality indicators used by the Home and to understand which indicators are publicly reported. 

• Required to participate in the improvement of the indicators and achieve satisfactory results. • Orders and ensures nursing supplies and equipment are properly and efficiently used 

• Conducts unit rounds at the beginning and end of shift. 

• Administers medications and treatments in compliance with the policies of Pharmacy provider, the Home and the Standard of the College of Nurses. Documents and reports all errors and omissions 

• Maintains accurate and complete records of nursing observations and care in compliance with the legislative requirements and the policies of the Home 

• Assesses changes in health status and reports changes to Substitute Decision Maker (SDM) and interdisciplinary team • Completes assessments (RAI-MDS and other assessments) develops and updates plan of care for each resident in collaboration with the resident and/or SDM and the interdisciplinary team. 

• Other duties as assigned and or indicated in Job Task Inventory 

Work Environment 

We are committed to maintaining a safe and healthy work environment, in accordance with industry standards and in compliance with legislative requirements, which includes taking steps to prevent/minimize occupational injury and illness. 

We are also committed to meeting the accessibility standards set out in the Accessibility for Ontarians with Disabilities Act, 2005, including making accessibility an integral part of recruiting, hiring and supporting employees with disabilities. 

Physical Demands

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A physical demands analysis is required by an employer to determine whether an employee has the medical ability, critical strength, and mobility to safely work in a specific job. It provides the information to compare the abilities of an employee with what is required to safely perform the tasks of the position. Please refer to the Health and Safety Manual for position specific physical demands analysis. 

Employee Acknowledgement & Confirmation 

I, the undersigned, acknowledge receipt of this Position Summary, which sets out the main duties and responsibilities of the position. 

I confirm that I have reviewed the Position Summary in full and agree to act in accordance with the duties and responsibilities set out therein. 

I also acknowledge that this Position Summary may be amended or revised by the Home/Community, from time to time.

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